And so goodbye…except for Bengali

So it’s been two years, 90 posts and 25 thousand hits since I started this blog on 9 September 2011.

I’ve loved interacting with other bloggers but there are various reasons why I know that now is the time to stop.

One, the Blogland we created has shrunk as Facebook has taken over and the bloggers have had the chance to meet in a milieu closer to real life  where they can at least reveal their true identities. Many blogs have accordingly been accordingly been abandoned or even deleted and that is sad because the quality of what was written is likely to have been of superior to that what is written on Facebook – or is it? Perhaps the bloggers really wanted to make contacts with others all along and they achieved their aim of creating a pardesi community so it could be argued the communication between bloggers is actually ‘better’ now as it is more direct and, in a sense, honest.  However, it’s also less reflective.  Nevertheless some of us have met up and become real life friends such as me and Sparkly Date Palm.  A real achievement. Anyhow, the death of the little sub genre of the blog may be approaching so I’m glad I wrote that little bit of literary criticism about the pardesi blog which you can read here.

Two, the concerns of the genre are ones you tend to have in your 20s and 30s. It doesn’t mean you can’t write one of these before your 20th birthday or you have to stop the day you turn 40 but nevertheless at 39 I feel I’ve been lucky enough to resolve many of the issues we have talked through sometimes with help.

Three, over the last year I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in real life those who in themselves have resolved for me some of the issues I had with being Anglo-Indian as they have displayed an extraordinary capacity to go outside their own culture and I feel truly affirmed because I share part of my ethnicity with them, and the other part of me is something which fascinates them. So I don’t have to deny part of myself. They’ve given me what I needed to finally accept myself.

Four, I have several new projects on the go, one in connection to Bengali. And of course, I’m continuing with my Bengali blog: My Bangla Diary. Check it out!

So if you want to talk about anything to do with learning Bengali, do get in touch with me either at or

Goodbye and take care.

And maybe see you again, somewhere in the ether!


Masala Bou

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